HARDCORE Collection - Tattoo Tribals

HARDCORE Collection - Tattoo Tribals

For our clothing series carrying the “HARDCORE” lettering as front print, we once again teamed up with Berlin-based Tattoo-Artist consumed1993. Consumed`s tattoo style is very dynamic and continues to develop constantly; it’s in a permanent flow and is never static. With RAVEMORE we also strive to not persist on fixed designs. We usually produce only small quantities of a series and then move on. That's life, never static.

So why HARDCORE? Per defintion, hardcore just means being highly committed in one's support for or dedication to something; e.g. Hardcore Ravers.

We are absolutely not referring to musical preferences here. That's what makes this piece so universal and accessible to all audiences. Hardcore raver, hardcore rocker, hardcore lover or whatever - you choose.

Suitable for the warmer season, today on May 27th, we launch a new Hardcore Hoodie in a Sand/Off White colorway. The tribals & the lettering have been screen-printed in Berlin for impeccable quality and durability. The hoodie is unisex of course and comes in a comfortable, oversized fit.

Make sure to check it out on www.ravemoreberlin.com



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