How to stay fit at a hot n sweaty summer Rave

How to stay fit at a hot n sweaty summer Rave

Had a nice Rave last weekend and suffered from any of the following health conditions? Thirst, muscle cramps, increased pulse, dizziness, headaches, confusion, etc.

Here are some reasons for the cause and useful tips on how you can counteract them:

Every person loses large amounts of water during the day and thus also the essential electrolytes (minerals) at the same time. In summer, the loss of water and electrolytes is particularly large and must be compensated by drinks or supplements. Otherwise, the performance and health can be significantly disadvantaged.

But especially for athletes (and ravers are athletes), insufficient fluid and electrolyte intake can be problematic, because they additionally lose large amounts of water and electrolytes during training (at the rave). For example, one liter of sweat contains 1200 mg of sodium, 300 mg of potassium, 160 mg of calcium and 36 mg of magnesium, as well as iron and chloride.

And during an intensive dance session in summer it is absolutely no problem to sweat out 1 liter of water per hour. That's why, especially in summer, it's advisable to take a special combination of electrolytes - preferably in combination with vitamins - in addition to a generally high fluid intake and water-rich foods.

Tips to compensate for fluid and electrolyte losses

1. Drink at least 2-3 liters of fluid a day. The best drinks for this purpose are: - Mineral water or high quality tap water - Unsweetened tea or sweetened with stevia - Milk (low fat or skim) - Juice spritzers (2/3 water to 1/3 juice).

2. Drink an additional 1 liter of fluid per hour during sports or physical exertion. The best sources of fluids are water, water with amino acids, fruit spritzers and other isotonic drinks like AGGREGAT(4).

3. Eat water-rich foods, as they also help balance fluids and electrolytes. Good foods are: - Fruits and vegetables (all kinds) 

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