Alliance with Stimulation.

Alliance with Stimulation.

Stimulation is a sex positive, queer friendly party-series for self expression and dancing in a safe space. The event series started in Berlin and is now also growing at international level. On March 11th, they’ll host their first party abroad at Club Fold in London.

As RAVEMORE and Stimulation both arose as kind of an escape-movement during the tough times of Covid-19, there has always been an invisible bond. Since day one, both parties always stood for full inclusivity and creating an environment that enables “safe” Raving. This bond led into a friend- and now also, partnership. Our nutritional Supplement “AGGREGAT(4)” will be available on all German Stimulation and Stimulate - events. The first Rave will kick off the reopening of the Clubs in Berlin and will take place in Club Ost on Friday, the 4th of March.


Tribal Romance - Collection feat. BY @DAIJANALA
HARDCORE Collection - Tattoo Tribals

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