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RAVEMORE BERLIN GmbH was founded to create a safer Raving-Environment for everyone. Our first approach towards that mission was to develop AGGREGAT(4), which is specifically designed to meet the needs of Clubbers & DJs and replenish the body's mineral and vitamin storages during raves. To grow and strengthen our community, we have also started hosting events & designing fashion. In the design process we mostly work with local, tattoo artists like e.g. consumed1993 from Berlin.

We are currently working on implementing a marketplace on our online-shop. We want to offer our customers a variety of products from the newest and hottest designers of the scene and on the other hand, support their ventures.

As a next step, we will work hard on ensuring the availability of our supplement AGGREGAT(4at Clubs, Festivals, Spätis etc. To achieve this goal, we will bring to you a ready-to-drink version in cans soon.



Type of position: Working student social media management 

Needs to be fluent in english!


Position Summary:

RAVEMORE BERLIN GmbH is offering a position as social media manager to support our creative team. You will be responsible for managing our Instagram channel. This includes the planning and creation of content to post as well as developing a growth-strategy. It will also be your responsibility to find authentic and influential people that can create content for our Instagram and tiktok channels and to manage collaborations with them.

We are looking for a motivated candidate with a strong knowledge of social media content and preferably experience in working in this area. You need to have experience in cutting and editing videos. At RAVEMORE you will have the chance to experience the daily life and challenges of an emerging lifestyle brand in Berlin from up close and take on an important part of its future.  

You need to be based in the Berlin area.


- It is your responsibility to create content and to set up a content plan.

- You are responsible for finding new creative talents to collaborate with and give them detailed instruction on the kind of content they should produce so that it fits the brand image. For this purpose you will create and maintain an overview sheet with collab partners from the past and for the future to track processes and performances.

- You are in charge of formulating clear instructions/guidelines with references of what kind of content worked well in the past and what we expect from future content creators. 

- You will work closely with our creative team to test and find out what kind of content also performs well in payed online advertisement and to find out where differences in performances are between payed online ads and organic content. 

- It will be your responsibility to do research about current social media trends in order for RAVEMORE to stay up to date. 


- Experience in marketing preferably in social media management.

- Fluent in English in speech and in writing 

- Positive attitude, solution-oriented outlook, and adaptive approach to changing circumstances.

- Close attention to detail. 

- Must be able to work independently when needed.



If you are interested in the position, please send your CV and some words of why you are the perfect match to: