As you most probably know, we founded RAVEMORE BERLIN to create a safer Raving-Environment for everyone. We approached this mission by developing AGGREGAT(4), which is specifically designed to meet the needs of Clubbers & DJs and replenish the body's mineral and vitamin storages during raves. To build a community and finance our mission, we have also started hosting events & designing fashion. In the design process we mostly work with local, tattoo artists like e.g. consumed1993 from Berlin.

We are currently working on implementing a marketplace on our online-shop. We want to offer you a variety of products from the newest and hottest designers of the scene and on the other hand, support their businesses.

As a next step, we will work hard on ensuring the availability of our supplement AGGREGAT(4at your favorite Clubs, Festivals, Spätis etc. To achieve this goal, we will bring to you a ready-to-drink version in cans soon.

Everything that we achieved so far, we did thanks to our community and we couldn't be more grateful for that. However, the journey has just begun and we will need all the support we can get.

You like what we do through RAVEMORE and want us to keep going? Become a supporter and enjoy some really nice benefits:

  • Exclusive fashion pieces only for members 
  • Early access to new fashion drops + become part of the design process
  • Skip list for all our events (+ skip list for partner events)
  • Exclusive member only events in Berlin
  • Welcome Pack including 5pcs. of AGGREGAT(4) + Membership Sticker for your phone
  • 10% discount on all our products at all times + special archive sales 


For €6,90 a month, you can become a supporting member of RAVEMORE. You can cancel the membership at any time - it is not bound to a duration. You can take advantage of the above benefits only during your active membership.