We founded RAVEMORE BERLIN to help shape the rave scene of tomorrow and create an environment that enables "safer" raving. Since we all regularly push our bodies to its limits when raving, we recognized the need for a new market: Rave Nutrition.

We formed this new market by developing a nutritional supplement that can be consumed during a RaveAGGREGAT(4) is a powder mixture that, when mixed with water, makes an isotonic rave drink. This drink is specifically designed to meet the needs of ravers/clubbers and replenish the body's mineral and vitamin storages during raves. It's basically a caffeine-free energy and immune booster that makes for a longer and safer rave.

In order to also provide our target audience with outfits for raves & everyday life, we have also started designing functional RAVE WEAR. In the design process we work exclusively with local, tattoo artists like consumed1993 from Berlin.


Early 2020, when raves were still possible and the world had not yet fallen into the clutches of the Corona virus, we noticed that the energy levels at raves kept rising, almost into the limitless. The duration is also steadily increasing:23:00 - 12:00 noon is now standard in Berlin.

This was also accompanied by the fact that more and more people frequently experienced health complaints during their rave experience, such as general exhaustion, nausea, muscle cramps, downers, etc. After intensive analysis of the symptoms, it became clear that most of them had their origin in amineral and vitamin deficiencyof the body.

Hours of intense dancing and sweating flushes a critical amountofmagnesium, calcium, sodiumandvitamin Cfrom the body.Raving is a sport, and it was time to look at it as such from a nutritional perspective as well.

We began developing AGGREGAT(4),the world's first isotonic rave supplement. It's designed to compensate for the loss of minerals and vitamins during a rave, for a stronger immune system, more power, more endurance and a carefree rave experience. It simply allows you to RAVE MORE.


The founding team consists of three friends (Felix,Dennis and Mike) who share a common dream. Although we originally come from completely different industries (sales, retail, physicist etc.),we are all ravers. Since we have always strived to be independent and stand on our own two feet, RAVEMORE is our dream come true.