Before KREATUR was born, the two heads of the project, Lukas Meunier and Anton Johnsen started their journey into the Berlin techno scene together. With combined forces and a lot of motivation they began to organize illegal open air raves, started their DJ careers and created big club events as soon as they could.

Some years later, after several gigs all around Europe and many hours of dancing and raving, the hard techno brand KREATUR saw the light. Brutal kicks, massive basslines and banging leading synths shape the image of this underground project. The label managed to make itself quite fast a name in the german techno scene and is best known for never taking prisoners when it comes to its unique raw and intense sound design.

Apart from all the musical stuff, Lukas and Anton always tried to work on the visual side of their project as well. After the first merch drop completely sold out, they decided to take the new fashion design one step further.