SS24 - DROP 2 - “BERLIN = NR.1”

SS24 - DROP 2 - “BERLIN = NR.1”

Why is our collection named "Berlin = Nr.1"? Because in the fashion world, who doesn't look to Berlin, the city famously indifferent to what the glossy magazines dictate, for the next big trend? Here, in the gritty streets far from the polished runways of Paris and Milan, fashion is born in the underbelly of unapologetic nightclubs and in the thrum of street art-laden alleys. It's here in Berlin, where no one dresses up yet everyone stands out, that we found the inspiration for our latest designs. Our newest arrivals mirror this paradox: embracing the unconventional, celebrating the mismatch, and declaring, with a wink, that when it comes to pioneering originality, Berlin is, unexpectedly, "Nr.1".

This week at R+ we've been hard at work perfecting our audacious new collection: "Berlin = Nr.1". Merging the raw energy of Berlin's underground scenes with our distinct aesthetic, this drop is set to redefine what fashion-forward means in today's ever-evolving style landscape.

In a groundbreaking premiere for R+, we've introduced a series of distressed and painted pieces that beautifully encapsulate the grit and allure of urban life. Each piece tells a unique story of transformation and defiance, echoing the city’s vibrant spirit.

A major highlight of this week has been our collaboration with the iconic "Search & Destroy" brand. Known for their rebellious ethos and upcycled designs, has been instrumental in helping us craft our first homemade batch of clothes. Together, we've pushed boundaries and set a new standard for R+ clothing.

Prepare to dive into a world where fashion meets fearless expression. Follow our journey on social media as we gear up for the launch with exclusive previews and behind-the-scenes stories. R+ is not just creating clothes; we’re a cultural movement. Join us as we unleash the "Berlin = Nr.1" drop and bring a new wave of fashion that's as conscientious as it is stylish.

Author: Aaron Daulne



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