We are excited to unveil our forthcoming drop, "BERLIN GOTHAM," slated for release next week. Our objective with this collection is to create garments that allow you to meld with the darkness and the urban landscape, capturing the mystique and profundity of Berlin’s nocturnal beauty.

In the creation of this collection, we revisited two of our most celebrated designs, transforming them to align seamlessly with this vision, along with introducing a completely new mesh top to tie it all together. These revamped pieces now boast elements that enhance their synergy with the collection's theme, ensuring they resonate with the city's gothic essence and contemporary edge.

With "BERLIN GOTHAM," the choice is yours to become either the hero or the villain. You can opt for vibrant colors or embrace the nightshades, but remember, appearances can be deceiving… Each piece is designed to offer versatility, allowing you to craft your own narrative and embody whichever role you choose.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to disclose that, as some of our most astute supporters have already discerned, the upcoming collaboration will be between our sister brand Search&Destroy and the iconic DJ, Future.666. This partnership introduces the sprayed "6" tank top, a striking piece that fuses the bold aesthetics of both brands. To celebrate this collaboration, Future.666 will host a popup event at the R+ store, providing an exclusive venue for everyone to attend.

Our dedication to sharing our space with the community and making our offerings accessible remains steadfast. We cordially invite you to join us and immerse yourself in the confluence of fashion, art, and community supported by R+.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the launch of "BERLIN GOTHAM" and the forthcoming popup event.

Warm regards,

R+ Team


Text by: Aaron Daulne

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