OFFICIAL DROP 04.04.2024

As the name “Bass Power” suggests, with a part of the new drop we are returning to our origins.To those "in-fight" moments on the dance floor, when sweat flows, you feel the power of the bass and the body is pushed to its limit. The functional t-shirts are made from a fast-dry material that fits tight on the body.

However, in the other part of the SS24 collection, we are once again expanding our product range and trying out new materials & finishing techniques. First off, the camo pants. Due to the oversized cut of the pants, they come with a lot of fabric already. That's why we use a slightly lighter denim material made of 100% cotton for these trousers so that they don't get too heavy. The fabric is breathable and also suitable for summer. The final finishing steps such as distressing the pants, attaching the patches and applying the color splashes are all done by hand in our Studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

To round off the first drop, we decided to make socks. These are the perfect add-on for any summer outfit. We have made the foot black so that discolorations from shoes etc. are not visible so quickly. The upper part comes in white with a black, timeless new-gothic artwork from our in house designers. We used bold colors that won't fade. The cushioned sole provides support when walking and dancing.

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