INTERLINKED - How did we come up with a Virtual Reality Movie-Series?

INTERLINKED - How did we come up with a Virtual Reality Movie-Series?
Actually, everything has had its origin many years ago in university. Besides boring lectures during the week, there was one thing in particular on the weekend: TECHNO - and that best from Thursday to Sunday (Friday was free at the university, of course ;)).

While in the lecture the Berghain lineup was already sent around and we thought about whether we would rather watch the set of I HATE MODELS or SPEEDY J, there was still the discussion about which horror movie to watch in the evening.

If you watch horror movies regularly, you know that there are good horror movies and even more bad ones. Even back then, we were thinking about how we could improve these movies to make them more exciting. At a certain point we even wanted to make films ourselves. We always liked the so called "Found-Footage"-films the most, because they seemed to be the most realistic due to the very special and amateurish camera work.

A few years later, a horror unfortunately came true: the Corona virus paralyzes public life to a large extent. Raves, parties and techno were out of the question. To fill this hole, more and more virtual raves and live streams appeared on social media. We tried that for a while - unfortunately, we always missed the "club" feeling. Most of the time you're dancing alone in front of a much too small TV.

So we wanted to make the virtual rave more realistic - we wanted to create a feeling as if you were in the middle of it and really there at the rave: "found footage" style. But filming it with a simple camera didn't seem realistic enough - we wanted to create a really lifelike experience. What we clearly needed - virtual reality (VR). When the rave is viewed with VR goggles such as: Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR or similar models, you really are in the middle of it - as if you were there live.

The problem: The VR wave is still a little while coming and not every household has a VR headset yet. That's why we came up with the idea of including the VR glasses directly. We also call our VR glasses "INTERLINKED GLASSES". This is a generic VR glasses where the smartphone is inserted. Since just about everyone owns a smartphone and the model works with almost every smartphone, now everyone has the opportunity to be there and does not have to spend 400€ + for VR glasses first.

At the beginning, we just wanted to set up the camera in front of the DJ booth - like other players on the market do. But then we had the brilliant idea to film not only the rave, but also everything around it (which is part of partying). The goal was to create a real Berlin night and make it accessible to everyone in the world who misses raving as much as we do. Everyone can dive into virtual reality from home and be there.

Since we're not just filming a rave in VR, but also an associated storyline, our project, which we've christened "INTERLINKED", is more like a film experience. Since there will be continuously new episodes, it can be compared to a kind of VR Netflix series. The first episode is called "ORDNUNGSAMT", went live in mid-March 2021 and featured Berlin techno DJ "Callush". Anyone who feels like experiencing a Berlin night now and doesn't have VR glasses at home yet can buy our starter package now and dive into the Berlin underground. If you already have VR glasses, you only need to buy the digital access.


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