Aggregat(4) Rave Drink with Minerals
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AGGREGAT(4) - Weekender Pack (5pcs.)

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Raving is a Sport! Most of us Ravers are exposed to the physical stress of a marathon every weekend. That's why we developed AGGREGAT(4). It will help all of us to rave more and especially more safely.

A supplement powder which, combined with water, dissolves into the first RAVE DRINK that refuels your bodies mineral and vitamin levels during a Rave. Coming with a refreshing lemon-taste, it helps to avoid negative health side effects right from the start.

AGGREGAT(4) can help with:

  • Higher muscular endurance
  • Stronger immune system
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced mood swings
  • Reduced stomach pain
  • Reduced dizziness

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Susanne Vollmuth
Great service and lovely note within the package.

The AGGREGAT(4) is easy to cary in my bag and dissolves quickly in the water.

I will definitely order more in the future!


Not only good for intensive raves but also for other physical efforts such as sports. Great formula and amazing taste! Thanks for bringing this to the raving scene.

Vanessa J.

Enthält alles was man braucht!🙏
Super Produkt, empfehle ich nur weiter!
Beim feiern nun immer dabei!

Perfect Supplement

Great against heartburn and enhanced endurance!
Always carry one with me at the Rave!

Daniel P.

Endlich brauche ich nicht mehr meine ganzen Vitamin und Magnesium Tabletten mitnehmen zum Rave und die passen super in die Bauchtausche.