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We started RAVEMORE BERLIN to help shape the rave scene of tomorrow and to create an environment that enables "safer" raving. Since all of our bodies are regularly pushed to the limits when raving, we noticed the need for a new market: Rave Nutrition. We started this new market by developing a nutritional supplement that can be consumed during a rave. "AGGREGAT(4)" is a powder sachet that, when mixed with water, makes an ‘Isotonic-Rave-Drink’. This drink is specially developed for the needs of the target group and refuels the body's mineral and vitamin storages during the rave. It is basically a caffeine-free energy & immune booster that ensures a longer and safer rave.

To equip our target group with the neccecary clothes to wear at raves, we also started to design and sell functional Rave Gear. See our shop for more.



In the very beginning of 2020, when raves were still possible and the world has not fallen into the clutches of the Corona Virus yet, we realized that due to constantly rising levels of energy at Raves, more and more people frequently had  pains like overall exhaustion, nausea, muscle cramps during their raving-experience. After intensive examination of the symptoms, it became clear that they all have their origin in a mineral- and vitamin deficiency within the body.

Hours of intensive dancing and sweating flush a critical amount of Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Vitamin-C out of your body. Raving is a sport and it was time to consider it as one from a nutritional point of view. 

We started developing AGGREGAT(4). It´s the world's first Isotonic-Raving-DrinkIt serves to compensate for the loss of minerals and vitamins during a rave for a stronger immune system, greater performance, more endurance and a carefree raving-experience. It simply enables you to RAVEMORE.

Gladly the clubs are open again and AGGREGAT(4) is now finally available.



We are three friends from Berlin who share a common dream. One of us is a MSC chemist, the other one a sales specialist and the third one a strategist and visionary. All of us are RaversAs we were always striving to be independent and stand on our own two feet, this project is our dream come true. 


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