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We are proud to drop the first fashion piece of our good friend Schicktanz in our online-store. As DJ & Producer he is known for his fast, energetic sound and he is also the co-founder of the Berlin after-work rave series Raveletics.


TECHNOFIT is a neologism of Schicktanz and combines the terms techno (music genre) and fit (referring to physical fitness). He is thus a clear advocate of the thesis that Raving is a sport. For us this was always clear, as hours of intense dancing and sweating flush a critical amount of magnesium, calcium, sodium and vitamin C from the body. That's why we came up with AGGREGAT(4), our isotonic Rave Supplement that refuels your energy-levels during a Party.


The cap is a perfect addition to our techno clothing & is a result of the associated EP "Techno Fit", which Schicktanz has released in mid-September 2022. The piece reflects the main elements of the 3 tracks on the EP: Endurance, Strenght & Joy.


We're talking about a high quality cap made from 100% cotton that will boost all of your outfits when stepping onto the dance-floor. 

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