Tribal Romance - Collection feat. BY @DAIJANALA

Tribal Romance - Collection feat. BY @DAIJANALA

To kick off the new year with a super hot collaboration, we teamed up with Berlin-based fashion label BY @DAIJANALA. The label is run by the native Italian, Jana Lanziner. She gained great attention in the last years through her high quality lingerie and clubwear. Her creations are wearable in everyday life and have a touch of kink. It’s not uncommon to spot her fashion in Berlin nightlife - especially in clubs like KitKat and Berghain. Every single piece is hand sewn in her studio in Berlin Neukölln. 

With the Tribal-Romance - Collection we wanted to bring the 'trashiness' of the 2000s in symbiosis with elegance and grace. The first item of the collection is a thong which is sewn to a lasered acrylic tribal from the pen of Berlin tattoo artist & DJ, Felix aka. consumed1993. Felix is known in the techno scene for his unruly, freehand tribals and ornaments and turned out to be the perfect complement for the sensual parts of the collection.

From the very beginning on, at RAVEMORE we have never believed in common borders and will therefore make this beautiful piece unisex again, having a “Vagina” and “Dick” version of the thong, where in the latter there has been sewn more space for the genital area. As well as other Berlin-based companies such as Namilia, we pursue full inclusivity.

The first drop of the thongs in the colorways mirror and red is planned for 22.01.2022, 6 p.m. CET. 

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